30 Jul 2018

WELLBET NEWS : Three fancy pilling tips that are not easy to do

WELLSPORTS News: Hello everyone, today we are learning a series of pilling skills, I hope everyone likes it!

Today we are learning three cool pilling skills. These three skills are related to each other, so at the beginning you have to concentrate, we start now:
Pull back & pilling
The first trick is to pull back & pilling. This technique is the skeleton of all the techniques below, so we have to learn this technique.
We use the weak foot to pull the ball to the side of the body. Then use the position near the big toe of the custom foot to wrap the ball from the support leg and pick it up.
Figure 1 - Pull back the ball
One of the mistakes that people often make when they practice for the first time is that they don't pull the ball to the side of the body.
Figure 2 - Weak foot pulls the ball to one side
Instead, it is pulled between the legs, which obviously does not help the next pilling.
Figure 3 - The ball rolls over between the legs and shows the error
Also, when pilling, use the position inside the foot to bring the ball up.
Figure 4 - pilling inside the foot
Don't use the toes to get the ball, although it can, but it is awkward and can't connect to the next action.
Figure 5 - Do not tiptoe
Pull back to the penalty
The second action is the change of the first action. Let's call it pull back & down the ball for the time being. The start action is the same. First pull the ball back and then use the toe to point the ball down.
Figure 6 - Pull back down the ball demonstration
When the ball is about to land, use the toes to press the football down in a continuous manner, and then rebound to catch the ball.
Figure 7 - The toe is pressed downward
The common mistake of this action is to pick up the ball too high, making it difficult for you to complete the action of pushing the ball down.
Figure 8 - Lifting the ball up is not too high
So pick the ball to the height of your knees, so you can just press the ball down.
Figure 9 - Picking the knee height
Pull back and rotate the ball
The third and final trick is to pull back & rotate. In the same way, pull the ball back with the weak foot. This time we don't point the ball to the ground but pick up the ball with the heel of the weak foot and then turn 360 degrees.
Figure 10 - Pull back and rotate the ball demonstration
The common mistake of this technique is to turn to the wrong direction. The trick here is that if you use the right foot to get the ball, turn to the right, and the left foot will turn to the left.
Figure 11 - Which side of the ball is turned to which side
Slightly higher when pilling, preferably near the waist, to create sufficient time for the heel of the weak foot
Figure 12 - Pilling to the waist
At the end of the heel, the eyes should stare at the ball, otherwise it will be difficult for you to complete the next action.
Figure 13 - Eyes on the ball
Today's content is here, more exciting football teaching, please continue to pay attention to the football road!

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