30 Jul 2018

WELLBET NEWS: FIFA's selection of 5 outstanding players in the World Cup: Mina's header in the penalty area became a bright spot

WELLSPORTS News: the 2018 Russia World Cup came to an end, and finally France beat Croatia 4-2,

after another 20 years to win again. In addition to the French team, the rest of the team also presented a wonderful game, including many outstanding players. 
After the World Cup, the FIFA official website also selected five players who played very well in this World Cup, including Trippier in England, Cherishev in Russia, Ganken in Japan, and Denmark. Little Schmeichel and Mina of Colombia. Let us analyze Mina in Colombia.
World Cup Colombia record
Colombia lost 1-2 to Japan in the group stage, then defeated Poland 3-0, and finally defeated Senegal 1-0, taking the first qualifying of Group H. In the 1/8 final, 4-5 lost to England and stopped at the top 16.
Mina's header from the penalty area
Mina, 23, is a Colombian defender and currently plays for Barcelona.
In January of this year, Barcelona introduced Mina. Although the Colombians have good strength, in the star-studded Barcelona, ​​he did not get much chance. Obviously his talent is not fully recognized. However, Mina’s performance in the two restricted zones is enough to change people’s views. Mina scored in three consecutive games in the World Cup, including the goal of equalizing the score against England, which will make him unable to be forgotten by many people for a long time.
FIFA official website reviews
Mina's precise tackle and air superiority make Colombia's defense line more reassuring. If he uses his air superiority in the opponent's penalty area, it will be a nightmare for the opponent. For Mina's Colombian teammates, when Mina appeared in the opponent's restricted area, they knew that the big man could create trouble for the opponent.
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