3 Jul 2018

WELLBET EN: World Cup H group Poland 1-0 Japan yellow card advantage Japan lucky promotion to the top 16

he last round of the 2018 Russian World Cup group match continued, and Japan played against Poland, the last opponent of Group H on the evening of 28th. Japan's first two battles, 1 win, 1 draw, 4 points ranked first in the group, Poland lost 2 games in advance. Japan firmly holds the initiative in its own hands, and the final battle can be done only by levelling Poland. If Japan loses to Poland and Senegal defeats Colombia, Japan can also qualify for the second position of the group. The match with Japan is only a battle of honor for Poland, but Poland's attitude towards the game will determine the fate of the other three teams in the group. Japan and Poland played 2 times, Japan won the game, scored 7 goals and did not lose a goal. Compared with the previous round, Japan made six rotations and Poland made five adjustments.
In the first half, Kawashima Yongji took the head of Groszky's header, and the goal line technique determined that the ball did not cross the goal line, so the goal was invalid. The two teams battled 0-0 in the half. In the 59th minute of the second half, Bedna Rek took the Kul Zava free kick and broke the goal. Then Japan began to change frequently, but ultimately unable to return to the sky, Japan 0-1 lost to Poland.
  In another match in Group E, Colombia beat Senegal 1-0. In the E group's standings, Colombia's 2 wins, 1 loss and 6 points are the first to qualify. Japan and Senegal are both 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss and 4 points. The match is the same, the total number of goals, the winning and losing relationship are the same. Japan's yellow card number is less than 2 (4-6) lucky to squeeze Senegal into the top 16. Japan has also become the only Asian team in the top 16.

Team lineup
  Japan (4231): 1 - Kawasaki Yonechi, 20 - Yoshitomo Yuki, 20 - Tomoaki Makino, 22 - Maki Yoshida, 19 - Hiroki Sakai; 16 - Yamaguchi Shin, 7 - Shibasaki Take; 11 - Usami Takashi 65 '14 - Shuzo Okazaki (47' 15 - Yuya Osako), 21 - Takao Sakai; 13 - Muto Yoshi (82'17 - Masanobu Masashi);
  Poland (442): 22-Fabianski; 3-Yendezichik, 5- Beddenac, 15-Glick, 18-Breizensky; 21-Kurzawa (79 '17-Pesko), 6-Gulalski, 10-Krehoviak, 11-GroŇ°icki; 9-Lewandowski, 19-Jellinsky (79 '14- Teodorcchik;

  Game playback
  In the 2nd minute, Kurzawa left the corner and broke the ball. In the 12th minute, Chang Youyou passed the bottom line on the left side of the penalty area, and Okazaki Shinji had a small header in the restricted area. After 1 minute, Wu Tian Jia Ji topped the left side of the arc and the goalkeeper Fabianski fought bravely.
  In the 16th minute, the left foot of the Sakai high-definition arc was shot too well, and Fabianski easily confiscated. Five minutes later, Kurzawa made a cross from the left corner and Glick headed the ball and attacked the foul. In the 28th minute, Chai Qiyue made a corner kick from the right corner and Lewandowski took the header to make a clearance.
  In the 32nd minute, Groszitz scored a goal at the penalty spot, and Kawashima kept the ball magically on the goal line. Through the door line technology, the ball does not cross the goal line.
  After 1 minute, Kurzawa was kicked out on the left corner of the corner and Guralski made a long shot 30 meters away. In the 35th minute, Yusuke Migui’s small angle shot on the right side of the penalty area was resolved by Fabianski. Two minutes later, Groszky made a cross from the left corner and Kurzawa missed the volley on the right side of the penalty area. At the end of the first half, Japan 0-0 boring Poland.
In the 47th minute, Japan took the lead in substitution, and Da Yongyong also replaced Okazaki Shinji. In the 58th minute, Chai Qiyue passed the tactical corner kick from the left, and after the offensive and defensive players rushed to the top, Takino Zhizhang hit the penalty on the left side of the restricted area. In the 59th minute, Kurzawa left the free kick on the left side of the field and the penalty line was leaked. The Japanese defense line was seriously leaked. After the Bernard Lake, the volley was shot in the small restricted area. Poland scored 1-0!
  In the 65th minute, Japan changed for the second time, and the dryman replaced the history of Usa. After 1 minute, Kanno Chihiko left Lewandowski and got a yellow card in the backcourt. In the 68th minute, Grositzki's header from the left side of the penalty area missed the right column. In the 72nd minute, Chai Qiyue left the corner and passed the corner. Yoshida Mae Yee Road leaped high and jumped to the goal. Two minutes later, Lewandowski scored the ball on the right side of the penalty spot and did not score the ball.
  In the 78th minute, Groszicky's right corner kicked, and Glick scored a header and missed the left column. After 1 minute, Poland changed for 2 people, Teodorcic and Pesko replaced Jelinski and Kurzawa. In the 82nd minute, Japan changed for the third time, and Hasebe was replaced by Taketo Kyu. Subsequently, Groszicky scored a right-footed pass from the right corner, and Yandzechik scored a goal with a headed goal. In the end, Poland won 1-0 in Japan. However, because the number of yellow cards is less than that of Senegal, Japan’s lucky team qualify for the top 16.

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