26 Jul 2018

WELLBET EN: Orlando-Sa: I won't say bad things about China.

WELLSPORTS News: Former Henan Jianye foreign aid Orlando-Sa has returned to the old club standard Liege recently.

He said in an interview that he really likes it here, but he would not say that China is not good.

Orlando-Sa joined Jianye at the beginning of this year and was abandoned in the middle of the season. He returned to his old club standard Liege. He said: When I left, there were players who told me that I might be back soon. Indeed, everything here has not changed, I am familiar with it, I am back home, and my family is very happy.

Orlando-Sa believes that his family is an important reason for his return to Europe. He said: "I have two lovely little princesses. I need to consider their happiness. When you are alone, when you have two children, The situation is different."

He added: "I will not say bad things about China, including Jianye. Everyone is very good to me. I also understand the desire to come back. They respect their choices and I will come back smoothly. ”

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