23 Jul 2018

WELLBET EN NEWS: Bundesliga newly promoted wants Hewedes

WELLSPORTS News 2014 World Cup champion Hvedes seems to have no future in Schalke, the new season's Bundesliga newly promoted Dusseldorf is very interested in him.
Hewedes is not in a good position at the moment. He played for Juventus on loan last season but missed a lot of matches due to injuries. Not long ago he returned to Schalke's training ground, but the club wanted to send him away. The former Schalke captain's contract with the club will expire in 2020, but he is hard to get a chance under the young coach Tedesko.
"Mining Sports" revealed that Düsseldorf wanted to sign Hewedes. Düsseldorf board chairman Schaefer revealed in an interview on Sunday that the team wants to add another player to the central defender position. With the rich experience of Hewedes, it will definitely help Düsseldorf.
The problem with this transfer is the annual salary. Hewedes' salary in Schalke is about 3 million euros, but Düsseldorf can't give it so much.
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