12 Jul 2018

WELLBET EN: In the early morning broadcast Croatia VS England three lions corps killer - positioning the ball and then show the gods?

WELLSPORTS News July 11th, 2018 Russia World Cup semi-final continues,

tomorrow at 2 am, the Three Lions Legion England will play against Croatia. And can they use the positioning ball to win again?
In the quarter-finals of the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018  , England defeated Sweden 2-0, and once again reached the World Cup semi-finals in 28 years. This time, the young "Three Lions" showed great fighting power and cohesion. In the trip to England this World Cup, all the way is stable. In the group stage, the first round defeated Tunisia 2-1, the second battle 6-1 victory over Panama, the last round 0-1 lost to the Belgian team, into the weaker lower half. In the first round of the knockout round, England was dragged into a penalty shootout by Colombia, but this time, the problem of penalizing the chain did not bother them. In the quarter-finals, England 2-0 cleanly defeated Sweden to advance to the semi-finals.
According to technical statistics, the best team to use for positioning the ball is not France (6 games rely on the positioning of the ball to score 4 goals, averaging 0.75 using the positioning ball), but England (5 battles using the positioning ball to score 8 The ball, averaging 1.6 points using the positioning ball. Moreover, England's first five battles totaled 67 shots, using the positioning ball to complete 32 shots, accounting for up to 48%, the proportion ranked first in the top 32. At the same time, the England team averaged 6.4 times using the position of the ball, which is the first of the 32, far more than 3.2 Croatia, 4.0 France.
According to statistics, 8 of the 11 goals of the Three Lions are scored by the positioning ball, accounting for 73% of all their goals. The ability of the England defender to position the ball is also a strong guarantee for their goals. . In this World Cup, England is the team with the highest utilization rate of the ball. Can the Three Lions team use the positioning ball to attack the World Cup?

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