12 Jul 2018

WELLBET EN: Croatia reverses the finals of the promotion of Manjukic to talk about lore: follow the feeling

WELLSPORTS News the 20th Russia World Cup semi-final battle continued. In the early morning, England and Croatia competed for the final finals.
In the first half of the  WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018  game, I did not expect that in the fifth minute, England won a free kick, Trippier directly broke the door, the Three Lions 1-0 made a perfect start. Since then, the two teams have not made a tree. In the 68th minute of the second half, Pericic took a break and scored a goal to equalize the score.

After a regular time, Croatia 1-1 England, the game was dragged into overtime. This is also the third consecutive overtime in Croatia. In overtime, Stones headed the ball and Fossari scored a goal. In the 109th minute of the second half of overtime, Manjukic grabbed a volley and broke the door. In the end, Croatia reversed England 2-1, creating the best record in the history of the team and becoming the 13th in the history of the World Cup final. team.

The two sides of this World Cup final will be born: "Gaul Rooster" France team will compete with the "Lattice Legion" Croatia team for the World Cup.
The game's lore is from Manjukic, and the game will be dragged into a penalty shootout. The Croatian shooter suddenly chooses to move forward, and Brozovic's pick is rushed in time. Manju's left foot is volleying. The ball is straight into the dead end. With this goal, the Englishman hated the Russian World Cup semi-final and watched the Croatian team reach the final for the first time in history.
In the mixed interview area after the game, Man Zhukiqi wanted to slip away, but was still stopped by a large number of reporters. The Juventus archer stopped and smiled. The topic of course started with that goal: "At the time, I felt that the angle was very small. I didn't think so much. And, at the time, I didn't have time to think about angles and hair. Force." And the reporter repeatedly mentioned the goal, Manju calmly commented: "I just kicked with the feeling, the ball went in. It's that simple."
He was asked again, is this the most important goal in your career? Man Zhukiqi got a bit and thought about it: "So far, it should be." The reporter asked, are you looking forward to the final goal? Manju replied: "Tonight, please don't let me think about the finals."
The Croatian team that will advance to the finals will have a 1.08 billion French team in Gretzman, Mbape and Bogba, and the two teams will compete in the World Cup at 23 pm on the 15th. Can you create history again? let us wait and see.

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