6 Jul 2018

WELLBET EN: Cavani played Uruguay vs France doubt? Uruguayan coach avoids suspicion

WELLSPORTS News July 6th, 2018 Russia World Cup quarter-final officially started the battle,
tonight live video to Uruguay at 22 o'clock in France. Although Cavani participated in the team's pre-match training, it is still unknown whether it can play. The Uruguayan head coach also refused to disclose the details before the game, and said: "You will know when you are 24 hours." And can Cavani finally debut? What adjustments will Uruguay make? let us wait and see

In the 1/8 final of the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 early morning of July 1, Uruguay faced Portugal led by C Ronaldo, and with the help of Cavani, he finally won Uruguay 2-1 victory over Portugal and became the top eight. However, the winning hero, Cavani, was injured in the 71st minute and took the initiative to signal a substitution. Cristiano Ronaldo helped him to the sidelines. After the game, the qualifying Uruguay team was insane, and Cavani was crying on the bench.
In the subsequent training in Uruguay, Cavani has never appeared. Whether he can catch up against the French team has always been the focus of attention, but in the training day before the game, Cavani finally appeared. In today's public training, Cavani finally appeared and was jogging alone on the sidelines. From the photos published by the official account of the Uruguayan national team, Cavani trained in the gym before arriving at the stadium. Cavani smiled in the photo and looked good.

The Uruguayan coach attended the pre-match conference this afternoon and still refused to disclose the specific situation of Cavani. "Cavani is very important to us. He was injured in the last game. In the past few days, he has not stopped training.

He is very eager to realize his dream. Please ask the media not to spread the information without facts. In another 24 hours, you will know if he can play."
The 71-year-old Tavares is the oldest head coach of the 32 World Cup teams. He has to walk on crutches because of the muscle contraction caused by the disease. Although the action was
inconvenient, the old man looked like a torch and his eyes filled with the desire for victory. And Cavani is also full of desire for victory, I believe he will recover as soon as possible.

But will things change? If Cavani can't play, what kind of response will coach Tavares face in the face of the French squad?

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