20 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN :World Cup Group G Belgium 3-0 Panamanian Mortens Immortals Luka Kumei Opens Second Degree

News from June 5th, 2018, the Russian World Cup was fully launched. The European giants Belgium team played against the North American giants Panama and began a focus war in the Group G.
The two teams have no record in history. At present, Belgium is ranked third in the World Football Federation, and Panama is ranked 55th. From the comparison of rankings and strengths, Belgium has a clear advantage. However, there have been several unpopular situations in the first round of the group stage matchup, including Argentina’s 1-1 photo with Iceland, defending champion Germany’s 0-1 loss to Mexico, and Brazil’s 1-1 tie with Switzerland. Before the last World Cup, the first game of the fourth quarter failed to win (the third Netherlands missed the World Cup finals). The difference in the strength of the two teams in this game is also people looking forward to whether they can burst out again.
  In the first half of the game, although Belgium took the initiative on the field, it made no achievements and Panama did not break the door. However, in the second half, Belgium's offense began to erupt, and Mortens scored a defensive goal and De Bruyne assisted Lukaku to score. Lukaku then scored another point with his left foot. In the end, Belgium refused to upset and defeated Panama 3-0, making the World Cup a good start.
 Two team lineup
  Belgium (343): 1-Courtova/2-Aldervelder, 5-Wirtshorn, 20- Boyata / 15-Mennie, 6-Vitesl (90 minutes 21-check Deli), 7-De Bruyne, 11-Carrasco (74 minutes 19-Denberle) / 14-Motens (83 minutes 16-Little Adjara), 10-Azaar, 9- Lukaku
  Panama's starting (451): 1-Peneto/15-Eric-Davis, 4-Escobar, 5-Roman-Torres, 2- Murillo/6-Gabriel-Gomez , 21-Rodriguez (63 minutes 10-dias), 20-godoy, 11-Cooper, 8-Barsenas (63-minute 9-G-Torres) / 7-perez
  Goal playback
  The first half of Panama was suppressed by Belgium, but Belgium's shot did not score.
 In the 47th minute, Mertens fired a shot from the right side of the penalty zone and the ball went straight to the corner of the goal. This fairy ball helped Belgium lead Panama 1-0.
 In the 68th minute, Hazard invaded the left and inducted into the penalty zone and knocked out De Brouney outside the penalty zone. De Bruyne slammed into the left side of the penalty zone and picked Lukacu from the pass point. Kaku header succeeded, Belgium 2-0 Panama.
In the 75th minute, Adjara's dribbling progressed, and a precise oblique plug in the front field was stuck on the left side of Lukaku. Lukaku left the foot in the restricted area and picked it up, scoring a goal. Belgium was 3-0. .
  After the end of the match, Belgium defeated Panama 3-0. Belgium also rejected the upset and won the World Cup.
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