19 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: World Cup E Group Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia Kolarov God free kick


News from June 30th to June 20th, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was fully launched and Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia were grouped in Group E. As Brazil, which has won the championship, has the absolute advantage of the team's qualifying, so the North American team Costa Rica team has also become a crucial battle for the European team Serbia.


 Serbia started with a corner kick but Costa Rican players cleared the ball. In the first half of the Serbian pass from the right to create multiple offensive opportunities but no achievements, which Navas had a brave save. In Costa Rica, on the other hand, the possession rate is much lower than that of the opponents, and the counter-attack obtained by the opponent is also solved by the other party. In the 56th minute of the second half, Serbia won a direct free kick opportunity right before the penalty zone. Kolarov made a direct free kick and the ball flew directly into the top right corner of the goal. Serbia was 1-0 Costa. Since then, Serbia has changed its style of play, withdraw players to enhance their defense, and eventually the two sides scored no goals. Kolarov, the god-level free-kick, also helped Serbia to beat Costa Rica by 1-0 and took the lead in E group.
Two team lineup
  Costa Rica: 1-Navas/15-Calvo, 3-Gancarlo-Gonzalez, 6-Oscar-Duarte, 2-Acosta/16-Gamboa, 20-David-Gouss Man (73 minutes 12-Collindres), 5- Borges, 10-Ruiz / 11-Venegas (60 minutes 7-Bollaños), 21-Urenja
  Serbia: 1 - Stojkovic/6 - Ivanovich, 15-Milenković, 3-Torsic, 11- Kolarov/16-Milivojevic, 21- Matici/20-Milinković (88 minutes 8-Prijovic), 10-Tadic (83 minutes 2-Rukavina), 22-Liaic (70 minutes 17- Krstic)/9-Mitlovich
  After the first attack on the opening game, Serbia won a right corner kick in the frontcourt. Liajić took a penalty and Mitovici's header changed from goal to goal but was eventually rescued by a Costa Rican player on the goal line. In the 7th minute Kolarov made a long shot to the left of the penalty area and the ball flew out of the right-hand goal. In the 12th minute, Costa Rica left the tactical corner kick, Gonzalez jumped from the header and the ball overtook the crossbar to lose a scoring opportunity. In the 15th minute, Ivanovic’s right-sided cross broke the cross after he reached the penalty zone, but there was no teammate in the middle. In the 20th minute, the on-site spectators made waves in the stands and it was spectacular.
  In the 25th minute, Liaic plugged in the assists and did not pose a threat in the cross from the right. In the 27th minute, Mimirinković scored a right-footed shot after getting in the middle of the penalty zone, but the lineman shot him offside. In the 31st minute, Ivanovic took a 45° pass to the penalty zone on the right, which was too deep for him to fly directly to the left baseline. In the 35th minute, Kolarov scored a free kick on the right side of the penalty area and a free kick hit the front of the penalty area. Navas made a double fist to shoot the ball out of the penalty zone. In the 39th minute, Tosic made a mistake in the penalty zone and Costa Rico player Urenha shot a shot and the ball overtook the crossbar.
  In the second half of the game, both sides easily fought again. In the 50th minute, Mitrovic received a one-handed goal from Mirinkovic's forward pass, but his shot was magically saved by Navas. In the 54th minute, Kolarov made a 45-degree pass on the left, and Calvo topped the right baseline. Serbia received a right corner kick and a corner kick went out and failed to pose a threat.
 In the 56th minute, Serbia got a direct free kick opportunity right before the restricted area. Kolarov made a direct free kick and the ball flew directly into the top right corner of the goal. Serbia was 1-0 Costa. In the 60th minute, Ivan kicked Venegas to a yellow card, then Costa Rica made personnel adjustments, and under Vinegas, Bolanos was on.
  In the 70th minute, Serbia replaced, Kostić replaced Liahic. In the 71st minute, Costa Rica took the free kick from the left side of the field and Campbell took the free kick to the penalty zone. Martyt made a clearance. In the 75th minute, Milinkkov shot a long shot near the top of the arc in the penalty zone and crossed the crossbar. In the 76th minute, Krstic crosses the right side of the penalty zone. Navas's brave save touched the ball and changed the line of the ball. Otherwise, the Serbian player outscored by the middle would score an empty goal. In 88 minutes, Serbia replaced, Mitrović was replaced, and Prijovich played.
  On the 90th and 2nd minute, Serbian player Martych and the other coach had an argument about the right to the ball and was then opened by the referee. On the 90th and 4th minutes, Prijovic had a face to play Boranos outside the penalty area. The referee finally gave a yellow card warning to the foul player through VAR's reminder.
  The end of the game, Serbia beat Costa Rica 1-0 to get a good start.
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