13 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: Messi-Aguero Group Super-Strong Line Argentina 2018 World Cup 23 list and live schedule

News from June 3 to 5, the 2018 World Cup in Russia will begin its opening match on the 14th. Argentina, one of the hottest teams of this year, also announced the list of 23 players. This lineup was led by Messi. Aguero, Higuain and Dybala were all selected. Icardi entered the 35-man squad but regrettably lost. Among them, Mascherano, the Chinese midfielder of China Super League Hebei China, has been a finalist and he has become the only Argentine international to play for China Super League. As Manchester United goalkeeper Romero missed the knee injury of the World Cup, the Mexican tiger goalkeeper Guzman replaced Romero into Argentina's 23 list. Argentina will begin the first group stage match of Group D in this World Cup on the 16th. By then, the 35th Sports will broadcast live video throughout. Please watch.
The current World Cup, Argentina's strength is still strong, Messi, Dybala, and Aguero lead the line to provide superior firepower, and the rest of the players are also members of the major league teams. Among them, Mascherano, the super midfielder of China Super League Hebei Huaxia, also became the only Argentine international who played for Super League. The specific list of Argentina’s 2018 World Cup 23ers is as follows:
Forwards: Messi (Barcelona), Dibala (Juventus), Higuain (Juventus), Aguero (Man City)
Midfielder: Mascherano (Hebei Happiness), Salvio (Benfica), Biglia (AC Milan), Lossol (Paris Saint Germain), Banega (Seville) Lanzini (West Ham), Mesa (Independence), Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain), Pavong (Boca Junior)
Defenders: Mercado (Sevilla), Ansardi (Turin), Otamendi (Man City), Fazio (Rome), Rojo (Manchester United), Talyafico (Azerbaijan) Jaques), Acuna (Sporting)
Goalkeepers: Guzman (Mexico Tiger), Caballero (Chelsea), Almani (bed)

In this World Cup, Argentina and Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria are in the D group. According to their strength, the Argentina team should have no big problems. They will compete against Iceland on the 16th to begin the World Cup and then play against Croatia on the 22nd and against Nigeria on the 27th. Argentina is expected to adopt the 433 formation and the starting lineup is expected to be as follows:
Forward: Di Maria, Aguero, Messi
Midfielder: Mascherano, Brigiya, Banega
Defender: Taliafico, Fazio, Ottamdi, Mercado
Goalkeeper: Caballero
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