17 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: C Ronaldo hat trick playback volley + mysterious free kick to help Portugal draw Spain

News from June 5th, the 2018 Russia World Cup ushered in the focus of war, Portugal against Spain.Although Spain's overall strength is stronger, Costa scored twice and Nacho volleyed the score, but they could not stop Ronaldo from breaking out. The Cristiano Ronaldos broke the previous goal of the World Cup with one goal. They scored a two-minute penalty kick and scored a low score in 44 minutes. They also helped Portugal to lead. After Spain surpassed, Ronaldo scored a straight free kick in 87 minutes to tie the score. In the end, Portugal was a strong Spain with a 3-3 draw, and Ronaldo's hat-trick also beat Costa's score twice and became the biggest focus of the game.

Goal playback
Only 2 minutes into the game, Cristiano Ronaldo drew the ball into the restricted area and was thrown down by Nacho. The referee made a penalty kick. Cristiano Ronaldo personally fought off a penalty shot and Portugal was lucky to lead 1-0.
In the 23rd minute, Busquets made a long front pass. Diego Costa scored a goal with a dribbling kick after a straight ball from the front and grabbed the ball, and the score was equalized, 1-1.
In the 44th minute, Portugal crossed the front of the restricted area on the right, and Gerdez gave the ball to C Ronaldo. C Ronaldo made a low shot from the top of the arc and Portugal 2-1 took the lead again and participated in 4 consecutive sessions. The C Ronaldo of the World Cup finally broke the spell of the previous ball.
In the 54th minute, David Silva went to the right of the goal with a free kick from the front, Busquets headed for a ferry, and Diego Costa swished to score a goal and the score was once again equalized, 2-2.
In the 58th minute, David Silva crossed the penalty area on the left and Isco continued to score a penalty. Outside Nejo blew the ball and broke the goal. Spain went 3-2.
In the 87th minute, Pike took down Ronaldo, and Portugal got a good position in the front court. C Ronaldinho took the free kick and scored a goal to tie the score. 3-3, Ronaldo made a hat trick. In the end, Portugal also scored 3-3 against Spain.
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