21 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN : 21th Live Iran vs. Spain Key Challenge - Costa Messi vs Iran

News from June 5th, the 2018 Russia World Cup group matches will be fully open in the second round. At 2 am tomorrow, Group B will usher in a focus war and Spain will face Iran. In the first round of the duel, Iran defeated Morocco 1-0 and now ranks first in the group with 3 points. In contrast, Spain, due to Cristiano Ronaldo's first round of hat-trick, they made a 3-3 match with Portugal. Now both teams have 1 point. This campaign is a key battle for the group's qualifying, and Spain is certainly in a position to win. Iran also hopes to score points in order to stay ahead of its opponents. What will be the offensive match between Costa and Azmen, the top scorer of the two teams?
Two teams starting list forecast
Iran (4-1-4-1): 1 - Bellan Vander; 23 - Rezaean, 8 - Praliganj, 4 - Cesme, 3 - Hajisafi; 9 - Ib Rahimi; 18-Yahabash, 7-Shaojay, 11-Amiri, 10-Ansarifad; 20-Azmont
Spain (4-3-3): 1-Degea; 2-Kavajar, 3-Pike, 15-Ramos, 18-Alba; 8-Cork, 5-Busquets, 8 - Iniesta; 21 - David Silva, 19 - Costa, 22 - Isco
Key battle
Since Iran's upset against Morocco and Portugal tied with Spain, Iran is temporarily ranked first in the group. However, this does not mean that Iran's prospects are better, because Iran will have to face Spain and Portugal in succession. In these two games Iran is unlikely to win. For the West and Portugal teams, only 1 point is required to win the match against Iran, otherwise it will be very difficult to qualify. The qualifying situation in this group is relatively complicated, with the exception of Morocco.
 Costa VS Azmont
For Iran with three-pointers, this round against Spain, they will definitely be defensive. When they play their part in the show, how will Spain respond? We must know that in the 2014 World Cup In the past, Iran almost stopped a strong Argentina. Of course, in the Spanish team, they have the most sharp weapon, which is Diego Costa. In the recent game, the strong Diego Costa will always have the upper hand in the contest with the opponent's centre-back and will always find opportunities in dangerous areas. The strength of Iran’s Zhongwei is obviously different from that of Portugal, Switzerland and other countries. In the face of Iran’s central defender, Diego Costa is very likely to have an advantage. After the World Cup’s first scored second, the field is expected to continue. Goals.
The handsome Azmen is Iran's top star. Although he did not score in the first match, he is still the coach most trusted by coach Queiroz. To know that in Iran, Azmen has the reputation of "Iran of Messi". In this match against Spain, Iran will naturally lay heavily on the defense line, but on the offensive line, Azmen will also be the attack point most depended on by the team. Maybe in the defensive counterattack, Azmen may also rely on his personal ability to help Iran to create a miracle?
What kind of offensive match between Costa and Azmen will be played?
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