27 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: 2 o'clock live Iceland VS Croatia Croatia's life and death battle or residual Arsenal

Three-Five Sports News June 26 hearing, the final round of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match continues, tomorrow morning at 2 o'clock the video live Iceland against Croatia. This game is related to the final qualifying list of Group D. In addition to Croatia, Argentina, Nigeria, Nigeria, and Ireland are all likely to advance to the third team. Can Iceland win this initiative and take the initiative? In this game, Croatia will take a few players who have yellow cards and these are all starting. Will Iceland be able to seize the opportunity? Can the Viking Warfare reproduce the World Cup?
Starting list forecast
  Iceland (4-4-2): 1 - Haldoson; 2 - Sevason, 14 - Anasson, 5 - Inason, 18 - Magnusson; 19 - Gislazon, 17 - Gunnarsson, 10-West Goodson, 8-Binasson; 22-Bozvarson, 11-Finngargason
  Croatia (4-1-4-1): 23 - Sussacchi; 13 - Jedvay, 15 - Caleta, 21 - Vida, 3 - Strenic; 14 - Budley; 14 - Bradarridge, 10-Modrić, 4- Perixic, 9-Kalaliki; 17-Mandukic

Croatian round off yellow card players
  In the opening match of the group stage, Croatia defeated Nigeria 2-0. In the second match, they defeated the powerful Argentine with a score of 3-0 again. Croatia, with two wins, has already advanced ahead of schedule in this group. With the advantage of five goal difference, after defeating Argentina, Croatian coach Dalić has made it clear that in the game of Iceland, the rotation will be implemented. In particular, players who have been yellowed will not be allowed to play. This means Rakitic, Manzukic, Rebich, Brozovic, Fossarico and Joel Luca will not start. Such news is obviously a very good news for Iceland.

  Iceland advances to life and death
  After two rounds of strikes, Iceland scored 1 point with 1 point and the goal difference was -2. To win the second qualifying spot in this group, they had to beat Croatia first and score more goals in order to overwhelm. Nigeria and Argentina. Their situation is similar to that of the current Argentine. Only by winning can they qualify. In the past few years, from the European Cup to the preliminaries, Iceland has made people see a strong resilience. With the help of the Viking war, this time, they may Can also burst out of a strong fighting power. It is worth mentioning that the first two rounds of Iceland only scored one goal. Compared to their defense, the offense may be their shortcomings. This will be the biggest test for Iceland.

  Iceland reproduces the Viking War?
  In the European Cup two years ago, the first entry to Iceland was a startling one. Only 330,000 people of Iceland will make their debut in the World Cup. They are the least populous World Cup players, but they have achieved good results. In the group stage, Iceland first tied Portugal and Hungary, then played in the victory over Austria. In the 1/8 final, Iceland upset 2-1 to defeat England. Although France was blocked from the top four, as a small country in the traditional sense of football, Iceland has brought many surprises to people. But the Viking War is world-famous.
  In the first World Cup match of the team history, Iceland is also very likely to enter the top 16. Can they eventually reach the top 16 and reproduce the Viking War?
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