16 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Vampire Soso re-elected Uruguay official announced the World Cup qualifier early this morning

On May 16th, Beijing time, Su Shen once claimed to be a vampire by opening his mouth in the World Cup. However, this vampire is still very powerful. At least Russia’s World Cup Uruguay team still has him in the 26-man camp.


In the early hours of this morning, Uruguay officially announced that Uruguay has officially announced the list of 26 people for the World Cup qualifier. Suarez is also on the list.
Uruguay Russia World Cup 26 people list:

Goalkeepers: Muslera (Galatasaray), Martin Silva (Vasco da Gama), Martin Campana (Argentine independence)
Guards: Godin (Atletico Madrid), Sebastian Cotes (Portugal Sport), José Jimenez (Atletico Madrid), Maxi Pereira (Porto), Gaston-Silva (Argentinian independence), Martin Caceres (Lazio), Varela (Peneral)
Midfielders: Nantes (Boca Junior), Lucas Torrela (Sampdoria), Besino (Inter Milan), Federico-Valved (Deportivo), Bentan Cour (Juventus), Carlos Sanchez (Monterrey), Grigori-Alescart (Crucero), Laxolte (Genoa), Christian Rodriguez (Courtesy (Narrol), Uretaviska (Monterrey), Lodeiro (Seattles of Seattle), Gaston Ramirez (Sampdoria)
Forwards: Stuglia (Girona), Massimiliano Gomez (Celta), Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain), Suarez (Barcelona)

Su Shen suffered a long suspension due to a bite, but his skills were not rusty because of the suspension. At least in Barcelona he and Messi became the team's strongest combination, often wonderful The cooperation helped the fans scream after wave after wave.
Fan A : You want to have a monkey for Messi and Sue.
Fan B : I want to give birth to a whole team.
Fan A : (not to be outdone) I - I want to give birth to a truck, or be born to Sue.
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