15 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Russia's World Cup Brazil's big 23-man list released: Neymar really led

On May 15th, Beijing time, the so-called hope for a thousand hopes and hopes, is like looking forward to a golden trick, but Iraq is always like a young girl, still hold a cover. Although the top 32 strong teams of the World Cup will announce their lineups in succession in the near future, some have only announced 32 or 28 players. The direct list of 23 players like Brazil is still relatively small.

According to official sources, the Brazilian Football Association announced the official list of 23 people in the World Cup, not much to say nonsense, good show behind.

   In the World Cup group match, Brazil will face Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia in Group E.

   World Cup Brazil Brazil 23:


Allison (Rome), Edson (Man City), Casio (Corinthians)


Danilo (Manchester City), Fagner (Corinthians), Tiago-Silva (Paris), Miranda (Internazionale), Marchinus (Paris), Pedro Greg Romer (Gremio), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Felipe-Louis (Atlético)


Casseiro (Real Madrid), Paulinho (Barça), Fernandinho (Man City), Augusto (Beijing Guoan), Coutinho (Barça), Fred (Miner ), William (Chelsea)


Neymar (Paris), Douglas-Costa (Juventus), Jesús (Manchester City), Fermino (Liverpool), Tyson (Miner)

All along he thought that he had suffered such a serious injury, that he should not have missed the Russian World Cup, and even a well-known Brazilian master predicted that he could not. 

However, judging from the results of the review conducted in France on May 3, it will be sooner or later to return to the team for training and participation in the World Cup in Russia.

   Seeing the name of the Russian World Cup Brazil 23s forward Neymar is not a little exciting, and the few inside fans really do not know how boring it would be if the genius lacks the game against the real King Messi. 

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