18 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Pushing the 23-man list: Senegal enlists in Malaysia

Three-Five Sports News Beijing time on May 18, Russia's World Cup 32 has currently launched a team lineup, Argentina, Australia 35 first singles, Brazil's 23-man list, as well as the 23-man list in Senegal. Senegal, about to face Poland, Colombia, and Japan, is it really good to push the 23-man list today?


Senegal's 23-man list:

Goalkeepers: Diallo (Ren, Liga), Gomis (Spa, Serie A), Ndiaye (Free Press, Guinea)
Defenders: Coulibaly (Napoli, Serie A), Carla (Anderlecht, Belgium), Gazama (Aranziah Fort, Tuchao), Vacqui (Euben, Belgium), Sabali (Bordeaux) (Like A), Sith (Valenciennes, France B), Sarif-Sane (Hanover 96, Bundesliga)
Midfielder: Alioni Ndiaye (Stoke City, British crown), Ndoyer (Birmingham, British crown), Cuyat (West Ham, Premier League), Alfred Ndiaye (Wolf, Premier League), Gaye (Everton, Premier League)
Forward: Nyan (Turin, Serie A), Diafara-Sacco (Ren, Liga), Cornet (Amiens, Liga), Saar (Ren, Liga), Keita Barr German (Monaco, French Ligue 1), Diouf (Stoke City, English Championship), Mussa Sor (Bursa Sports, Tuchao), Mane (Liverpool, Premier League)
In the official list of the 23 World Cup for the Senegalese national team, defender Coulibaly of Manet and Naples from Liverpool was selected.

Sadio Mane was born on April 10, 1992 in Sekou, Senegal. He is a Senegal football player, a field forward and currently plays for the Liverpool Football Club in the Premier League.
August 2012, transfer to the Austrian First Division team Salzburg Red Bull, and help the team win the double champion of the Austrian League and Cup in 2 consecutive 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons, 2014 In September, the Premier League giant Southampton joined the £11.8 million transfer fee. On June 28, 2016, Mane joined the Premier League giant Liverpool for a £34 million transfer fee.
On October 9, 2017, it was selected as a candidate for the 2017 Golden Globe.
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