21 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Naingolan withdraws from Belgium and claims that he is still the number one fan of the team

March 5th, Beijing time, May 22, how many players to enter the World Cup national team lineup and agonizing, but Naingolan has made amazing moves in recent days - he voluntarily withdrew from the Belgian team, declared He is still the number one fan of the team.

There are no Naingolans in Belgium’s recent World Cup 28 World Cup. This may be an important reason why he withdrew from the national team.
  List of 28 primaries in Belgium:

  Goalkeepers: Minollet (Premier Liverpool), Kurtowa (Premier Chelsea), Casillas (Bundesliga), Zells-Mitz (Bij Anderlecht)

Defenders: Aldwylled (English Premier League Tottenham), Kompany (Presby Manchester City), Wilton (English Premier Spurs), Jordan Lukacu (Serie A Lazio), Munye (Legacy PSG), Boatta (Super Celtic), Seaman (FC Los Angeles FC), Cabaselle (Waterfront English Premier), Vermaelon (Littoral Spanish)

Midfielders: Witsel (Super Super League), Fellaini (Premier Manchester United), Moussa Dembele (Presby Premier League), De Bruyne (Presby Manchester City), Chadley (Preliminary West Brom), Januzai (Liga Royal Society), Tílemens (Legge Monaco), Carrasco (Dream of Dalian), Dengdong Keer (Beijing Anderlecht)

Forward: Romero - Lukaku (Premier Manchester United), Azar (Premier Chelsea), Mertens (Serie A Naples), Baschuy (Engrich Chelsea), Benteke (England Crystal Palace), Solgen - Azar (Bundesliga)

Nain Goran sung a very helpless picture in Ins and wrote: "I reluctantly said that my national team career has come to an end. In order to represent my country, I always pay Everything, perhaps insisting that you are always offended by others, from today I will be the number one fan in Belgium.”

“Naingoran is a top player. (The reason he lost) is because of technical and tactical considerations. In the past two years, the way the national team works is very clear, and other players occupy these roles.” Ness said that the technical and tactical reasons did not call up the Roman midfielder. "We all know that Naingoran played a very important role in his club, but we can't give him such a role in the national team.

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