29 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Is it really possible to bulldozers after the French luxury lineup at the World Cup in Russia?


Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 29, it is reported that this year's French lineup for the 23rd World Cup in Russia is very luxurious, not only Glezman, Pogba, and Lucas Hernandez. It is rumored that the lineup is equal in strength and there will not be any dangerous bugs in Argentina. But are they really able to present the bulldozer model all the way to the final?

With the approach of the 2018 World Cup, each participating team is preparing in full swing. As a European football power, France is divided into three groups with its counterparts in Group C: Denmark, Peru and Australia.
fresh blood ]
In recent years, France has consistently emerged as a star of football to take over. From the players who played in major leagues, it can be seen that the strength of France is no less strong than any world football power. In the French team's announcement of the 23rd National People's Congress this World Cup, Bogba, Greizmann, Mbappe, Dembele and other fans are familiar with the stars.
Judging from this lineup, France does not have such a top-heavy issue as Argentina.
Less soul core ]
However, their respective strengths are equal, from another point of view, that is, France lacks a soul core. Like Portugal, there are spiritual leaders like Messi and Ronaldo. It can be said that the French team without the core team is also a major hidden danger in winning the championship this year. If there is a locker room problem, it is basically announced that this year's World Cup has failed.
Winger is also a problem ]
From this list of 23 people, it can be seen that the French team winger is also a problem. There is no strong winger to do side-by-side output and containment. Having met these solid teams in Brazil and Germany, it is very good not to be able to break through from it. Not to mention another contribution.
From this point of view, France’s big list of 23 people is not as powerful as it was originally seen. Luxury is something but the problem is not small.

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