3 May 2018

WELLBET: The 2018 World Cup did not have a defending champion Germany was played by strength

In the early years of the 35th World Sports Championships, that is, before the 2002 World Cup championship, the World Cup was a phenomenon where hosts and defending champions could avoid kicking into the finals, but now the hosts remain, while the defending champions have no previous privilege. Kick or kick, Germany is such a good guy, people are kicked out by strength.

In the World Cup before the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup, there is also the privilege of hosts and defending champions avoiding being able to play in the finals, but because of the embarrassment of the last defending champion France in that World Cup event.

  In the 2002 World Cup, France was assigned to the sweet group in the same group as Senegal, Denmark, and Uruguay. It is expected that the powerful players Zidane, Thuram, Bates and many other strong players will have excellent expectations. However, it is surprising that the team of invincible faceplates in France, the last defending champion even with a level two negative was kicked out of the group stage.

  This is an embarrassing embarrassment. To prevent similar incidents from happening, there is no privilege for the defending champions to win the World Cup. However, they still maintain the privilege of the host from playing in the finals.

It can be seen that Germany, the defending champion, cannot enjoy the privilege in the 2018 World Cup. However, it is truly worth convincing that people will step into the finals with strength.

  In addition, this year's host Russia is also quite embarrassing, because some players suspected of being suspected of participating in the competition was once questioned, in the subsequent agent incident made them criticized, and even rumored that this may not have the host's statement.

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