27 Apr 2018

Wellbet en news:Countdown to Messi who will miss the 2018 World Cup

April 26 hearing that the opening of the 2018 World Cup is about to open, but yet so many world-class players will miss the 2018 World Cup because of injuries, and even the core soul of Argentina Messi may also be in danger of leg injury.

From the opening of the 2018 Russia World Cup, there are still less than three months left, but due to injury and other factors leading to a number of outstanding national team, or will be the result of the Russian World Cup finals, including the following five super football superstars.

[ injury site: thigh muscle ]

Argentina's Messi has always been the core of the team's soul, but in recent days his thigh muscles were injured in an earlier game and have not yet recovered. According to reports by a number of media such as the Argentine newspaper “The Trumpets”, the coal brigade has been fighting against injuries in the past few months, but the situation is not so optimistic. Although the hamstrings are no problem, the leg muscle injuries have not been cured. , I am afraid that the 2018 World Cup is in jeopardy.

2: West Goodson Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton / Iceland / midfielder) 28 years old

[Injured part: knee]

Last summer, West Goodson moved from Swansea to Everton for a £45m transfer fee, even though the 28-year-old Icelandic squad played in the past half of the season, only for this Merseyside. The team contributes 6 goals and 5 assists, but it is undeniable that Segudson, who is good at free kicks and has excellent transmission skills, is definitely an important member of the Icelandic national team.

However, in Everton's 2-0 win over Brighton, West Goodson accidentally injured his knees, leading to the Icelandic international or faced a 6-8 week truce, which is bound to seriously affect his World Cup. status. However, according to data from the German "Transfermarkt", West Goodson will return to the team in late April. If the news is true, it is believed that the former Swansea player also has enough time to put his own competitive status and body. The situation is well adjusted.

3: Harry Kane, Harry Kane (Tottenham/England/Striker) 24 years old

[ injury site: ankle lateral collateral ligament ]

In early March, England striker Harry Kane inadvertently suffered a serious injury in the Premier League match at Tottenham's guest in Bournemouth, requiring immediate withdrawal from the line of fire.

The Lions can not miss Kane in 2018 because the team can't lose him. Without him, the team will be even more unbearable.

4: Neuer Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich/Germany/Goalkeeper) 31 years old

[ injured parts: foot bone ]

In April last year, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Neuer unfortunately ushered in a fractured left leg during the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals in Real Madrid, making it necessary to raise the season for reimbursement. Five months later, the German national again suffered the same injury shortly after the injury, leading to a 31-year-old who once again faces a prolonged truce. Up to now, Neuer has not yet returned to health.

If Neuer can't get it, Germany will go to the strongest defense and can't go to the quarter-finals.

 5: Neymar Neymar.Jr (Paris Saint-Germain/Brazil/Yingfeng) 26 years old

[ injury site: shin bone ]

Four years ago, Neymar’s early completion of his World Cup trip due to injury, and four years later, the Brazilian national again caused question marks and even full stops on his own trip to Russia due to injury.

However, when everyone was rushing for their own injuries, Neymar was able to sit in a wheelchair to imitate Hawking's appearance and talk with people. It seems that the injury is not as serious as the media said.

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