6 Apr 2018

WELLBET EN News : 2018 Iranian World Cup: Which well-meaning people give sponsorship

April 4th The Iranian jersey for the 2018 World Cup has not yet been
settled. Because there is no sponsor, it sounds like a sad reminder.

 (Wellbet World Cup 2018).

According to the Football Equipment Intelligence Network, the Iranian national team still has no shirt sponsors. After many of the 2018 World Cup qualifier teams including Argentina and Germany have announced the uniforms they will use during the World Cup, Iran’s The uniforms are still difficult to produce because they have no sponsors yet.

After the contract between Iran and Adidas was over, no new sponsors had entered, and the 2018 World Cup Iranian jersey has not been hit. In the two warm-up matches in March of this year, although the Iranian team wore new home and away jerseys, these two jerseys are still Adidas old template, 2017 Tiro 17 jersey template and 2016 Condivo 16 team jersey template. 

According to Footy Headlines, if no sponsors are found at the time, the team will create their own uniforms, and then the team logo and jersey number will only be posted on their own. They will also be the home and away jerseys of Iran's 2018 World Cup in Russia. 2016 Condivo 16 Team Jersey Template

The 2018 World Cup Iranian jersey has not yet been settled. If it still cannot be found, I am afraid it will have to be rectified with the appearances of the previous sessions. It sounds so good and sour, and that well-intentioned person has sponsored one.

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