17 Apr 2018

Wellbet en: Portuguese coach Santos: I hope Ronaldo's status can continue to the World Cup


April 16 hearing Cristiano Ronaldo's current state of the game is prosperous, the various events are very good, not long ago after the Big Four Hi-Hat made a hanging gold hook, simply handsome to dregs. The Portuguese coach, Santos, expressed his satisfaction that Cristiano Ronaldo will continue this state to the World Cup.
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Last year the European Cup with Ronaldo's goal in the semi-finals, taking advantage of Portugal to qualify for the finals, although injured in the final departure, but Ronaldo is still on the sidelines to encourage his teammates. This summer, Ronaldo will lead Portugal to the World Cup again. Although Santos insists that his team is a team that is not just a single player, it turns out that Portugal is inseparable from Ronaldo.

[C Ronaldo's explosive season] 
Cristiano Ronaldo has been in a hot state this season and scored 41 goals in various competitions. In a recent interview, Portuguese coach Santos also talked about Ronaldo. He said that Ronaldo's fighting spirit can serve as a good role model for his teammates and he hopes his The state can continue to the World Cup. Santos said: "C Ronaldo is crucial to which team, either Manchester United or Real Madrid, are the same, these two clubs are among the best in the world."

[The team can not leave C Luo]
Maybe just like Argentina was inseparable from Messi, Santos stressed the need for solidarity to win the game: "If we want to win, we need a strong team, and everyone needs to unite, Ronaldo shows his morale. Dedication and dedication, and his teammates are more motivated by his example role.” He feels that Ronaldo is now firmly tied to the team. He needs the World Cup and the team needs him. Won the 2018 World Cup.

[Help C Lo continued status] 
Santos did not give much introduction to this content. He just felt that Ronaldo was in excellent condition at present and he hoped that he could make reasonable arrangements through analysis.
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