26 Mar 2018

Wellbet En: 2018 World Cup ball flight trajectory is difficult to catch

The 2018 World Cup has been released

 (Wellbet World Cup 2018).

This is a football called Telstar 18. It has recently been used in various national warm-up matches, but it has caused a lot of dissatisfaction, especially from goalkeepers.
The 2018 World Cup will start in six games, but now it has arrived on March 26, but it will not be a few days. The World Cup was first used in the warm-up match of the national team in recent days, but the achievement has indeed had some headaches.

In the national team warm-up match held this weekend, all teams have tried the new World Cup soccer team Telstar 18 this summer, several goalkeepers have expressed dissatisfaction with this ball.
The German national post Telstergen said, "This ball can do better. The flight trajectory varies greatly, but we have to get used to it quickly and adapt it in the best possible way before the World Cup." Ya also said, "This ball's flight path is really strange."
Telstergen has now voted to banned Neuer from becoming Germany's number one goalkeeper. The 2018 World Cup will be a good time for him to become a big season. Such a small football is indeed very important.

"I think there should be changes to the design of the football. There is still time. Its flight path is uncontrollable and it should be improved. I can bet that there will be at least 35 long-range goals outside the penalty zone this World Cup. Nobody can. Understand this trajectory. Football is covered by plastic film, the goalkeeper will be very difficult to stably hold the ball, which will cause us to encounter a lot of trouble." This is from Spain's national gate Renner with direct pure point of view.
Because its external construction materials are slightly slippery, it makes the goal feel impossible and has an elusive flight trajectory, which is a disaster for them. However, there are also bad and naturally good. Unprofessional goalkeepers naturally benefit the other shooter. To a certain extent, it is fair.

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